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So you're new to RSS? No problem. You might be using it and don't even know. Do you read blogs? Facebook? My Space? Maybe check the weather or news on your computer? Or do you have a Google Home Page or MyYahoo page? RSS is the heartbeat of all of these. Yeah, yeah, yeah, so why is an RSS feed important to my business? Click for more info.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. Most web pages are based on HTML code. RSS feeds are based on XML code. The important thing to understand is that RSS feeds allow users the option of subscribing to their feed. A feed can be a blog, news information, weather, tv listings or anything that needs to be updated often. In our case, high-quality multi-media.

So when the content provider posts updates, the subscribers instantly have access to the latest information. Headlines, and descriptions automatically appear in your reader. A click is all it takes to see the video.

Feed Icon

This is the symbol your looking for. Generally, it's a link to the feed on the website you're visiting. Sometimes it will lead you to a seperate web page that has multiple feeds to choose from.

So what do you do with this? First you need to make sure you have a feed reader. Google and Yahoo are two of the most popular. Once you have a feed reader, you can start adding gadgets or widgets. These are terms for self-contained code to specifically handle a feed. There's all sorts of gadgets out there, news headlines, daily weather, comics, joke of the day etc.

So when you go to a web-site that has an RSS icon, or small bars that say "subscribe" or "add to Google" you can right click on the link, copy the link location, and paste it into the field for the "Add Stuff" in your favorite feed reader.

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