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At Will's ENG crews are standing by. As a client you have choices of which broadcast cameras to use. This makes your editers job a lot easier. Which format are you on? We'll shoot it. If we don't have a specific format, we'll get it. Even a Red One camera. Typically we shoot Beta SP, DVC-Pro, DV, HDV and P2.

Gear we carry: Kino-Flo lighting package, Sound Devices mixer, Lectrosonics wireless lavs, Sennheiser mics, 1200 watt HMI's, production monitors and more.

We can also mix our cameras with a live switcher fly pack. That means we can run all our cameras to one unit and switch between different shots.

What's ENG? It stands for Electronic News Gathering. This is also known as field acquisition. In simple terms, ENG is a self contained video crew. This means that two technicians show up with an SUV full of gear including a broadcast camera, a sound package, lighting, and a bunch of cables. Usually an ENG crew, producer and talent is sent out to various locations to get beauty shots, general video and interviews. Footage can be transmitted on a satellite, shipped or simply carried home. Often, the camera and audio are cabled to an uplink truck to create a live shot from a remote location. Hence the news in ENG. Generally, ENG footage is edited in a mobile production unit and rolled into a larger broadcast.

A perfect example is when ESPN rolls into town for a sporting event. An eighteen wheel truck that contains a portable television studio is parked on location. An ENG crew is dispatched to get interviews with coaches, beauty shots of the city etc. The footage is then pre-produced and rolled in a specific part of the broadcast.

Regardless where the footage ends up, the camera and sound operator has control over the equipment, and are solely responsible for making sure all footage looks and sounds great.

Although an ENG camera could be cabled to a mobile production unit, it generally isn't because the video operator in the truck can't control the camera. That means the video operator is limited to the extent that they could make the ENG camera "match" the other cameras being used.

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