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So you need a good camera operator? You've come to the right place. Co-owner Joe Schmitt has worked multi-camera shoots in a variety of genres like entertainment, news and sports. Schmitt's been a crew member on shows for ESPN, Fox Sports, MSNBC, and IBM. Not to mention he worked two presidential debates. At Will has a big rolo-dex, we have access to directors, producers, camera ops, A1's, A2's, Video Ops, EVS, TD's, Tape Ops, and a couple of Chyrons. What position does your next remote broadcast need filled?

What in the world is EFP? You'd be amazed how many people work in the broadcasting industry who can't answer this. Electronic Field Production is based on a mobile production unit. This is a self contained tv studio that rides in the back of an eighteen wheeler. This mobile unit has everything needed to create a broadcast, including cameras, microphones and communication systems that are cabled to the truck. Did I say cables? I mean a LOT of cables. Miles worth sometimes.

The truck has a production suite with a wall of monitors, switchers, communications, and chyron (text capabilities.) The audio room usually has at least 32 channels of audio to control all sound coming and going to and from the truck. A video operator has control of all the cameras in the show and is constantly fighting sunlight to make sure the cameras match. A tape room keeps three to six operators busy by constantly recording cameras, or playing back what the cameras just shot seconds ago (instant replays.)

Sounds expensive? It is. A standard definition truck can easily cost around $15,000 for an event. Don't forget you need to hire a whole crew to operate the gear. Depending on how big the show is, a broadcast will need a team of fifteen to fifty crew members working together. But you still can't go live unless you hire an up-link truck. This is a mobile transmission service. The satellite time is extra. Don't forget a massive yet regulated power generator to run all of this delicate electronic gear. The whole process is truly amazing. Sometimes there's soooo much equipment that a "B" Unit is needed. This is a seperate truck that carries all the gear that won't fit in the belly bays of the production truck.

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