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For some clients, a television or radio commercial doesn't allow enough time to explain a concept. At Will Productions fully understands the power of corporate videos used for promotion, training, or documentation. At Will has provided camera ops for IBM, Intel, Price Waterhouse Cooper, Nissan, and Southeastern Wildlife Expo to name a few. What exactly is a corporate video? It all depends. There's a variety of options for different circumstances. For instance...

Let's say your business has a product or service that's solid, but customer awareness is low. At Will Productions can create a three to five minute promotional video to explain precisely what your company does, and why it's important. This video can be added to your website, and distributed through the internet, so potential cutsomers can easily find your product or service. Duplicates can be made for that presentation booth at the next conference. Attention is drawn by visual images showing your product in action, while your people connect with the clients one-on-one. Videos can be distributed to potential buyers in customized promo packages and brochures. Later on, he/she watches the video that points people back to your website (yes we do websites too.) or local contact. Now clients are seeking your services and products.

Or...Part of your team is giving a presentation to a large crowd. You want to create the best presentation possible. Enhance your visuals with video! Let's talk I Mag (image magnification.) Vibrant projectors and broadcast cameras are used to display presenters and Power Point slides. Now people in the back of the room (or around the world if you want) can see you and your presentation. Use multiple live cameras and pre-produced videos to keep the audience awake. At Will can create a DVD or video file of the entire event.

Ok, what if...Your business could save money utilizing multi-media as a part of employee training and certification. E-learning and video are two of the fastest growing aspects of the internet. Why not use a combination of both? Instead of flying in a specialist every time a customer or employee needs education, a series of training videos can be produced at one time to document a procedure step-by-step. Interactive websites or DVD's can be created, so users can easily find an area of training that's specific for the task or question at hand.

Don't forget to create an RSS Feed for your new videos. At Will Productions can take you much further than a YouTube or Facebook account. Your clients will be able to find you easier on the web. Cut through the millions of entries in the search engines.


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